Andreas Eduard Hoeller

Role at Supersense: Founder and Executive Director
Supersense: Nonsense
Sense I could Live Without: Taste (proven by my outfit and my jokes)
Favorite Sound: Cheerful Laughter

Even though my real name is "Lexi", Docsi prefers to call me "WebMeister", because putting his dreams and visions into bits and bytes was always my part of the job in our - now almost 15 year long - professional cooperation.
Our non-professional cooperation started many years earlier at the University of Vienna, where we spent our time playing Tetris and DukeNukem (he's still paying off the gaming debts from these days) - and additionally earned our degree in Biology.
"Unverkaeuflich", "Unsaleable", "Impossible" – the names of our first commercial projects indicate one of the ingredients that makes the cooperation with Doc so rewarding for me: The challenge - the challenge to sell something that is considered unsaleable, to accomplish something that is considered impossible..
I love challenges, I need challenges (proven by my beloved blind, street-fighting stray dog), I'm really not good in doing routine work, and I'm also not good in doing what I'm told to do. I like to create things, make things work - the moment when some coding is finally working the way I intended it still gives me an almost childlike joy. And I also need to be able to use my creativity, to do things the way I want.
Doc always appreciated that and he was always good in triggering the challenge in me – that happily kept me working for endless night shifts till the impossible task was accomplished .. he's really good at spurring people on to peak performances.
In addition to my long-established role of the WebMeister taking care of everything IT, I recently also discovered an (I can only assume - masochistic) joy in fiddling with numbers and am taking care for the in-house part of the Supersense accounting and bookkeeping.
I also enormously enjoy to substitute for Sarah behind the sales counter and serving coffe (and my self-made vegan Leberwurst of course!) to our guests at the Taste Bar now and then.
Being a very (werrry!) emotional person, I love the fact that all my senses are fed at the Supersense Palace. The smell and taste of our delicious coffe, the beauty of a freshly developed 20x24 portrait, these sensual impressions can move me and make me savour in awe. But the real highway to my emotions are my ears - hearing and feeling the sound and atmosphere when witnessing a live recording really manages to touch and move me, I must admit that I experienced teary-eyes and most pleasant goosebumps on such occasions.
Last but not least I just love our team! This wonderful collection of crazy (in the best sense) people, who - as unique and different each of them is - have that one thing in common: The enthusiasm and passion for their work, the visible (and infectious) joy in what they are doing.
I feel honoured and happy to be one of us!