The realization of an analog dream: A cosy LIVING SOUND ROOM stuffed with carefully selected tools and machines to CREATE and RECORD pure analog sound waves in the most straight and easy way imaginable. 

Proudly we celebrate the traditional DIRECT-TO-DISC-CUT allowing you to produce your very own original Vinyl on the fly!! Discover 2 unique options: Enter the FLABBERGASTING RECORD ELEVATOR to cut your 45rpm Vinyl Single in dirty 90 sec. Or ease yourself into the center couch of of fully equipped ANALOG LIVING ROOM STUDIO and record your very own professional Vinyl masterpiece. 

Talking about Vinyl records: Of course we also offer a cry special selection of rare VINYL RECORDS and simply earmazing TURNTABLES & AUDIO GEAR for optimized analog listening. 

Last but not least we carefully tool up our lounge with the most wonderful, characteristic, iconic,... ANALOG INSTRUMENTS we can find, all of them of course waiting for YOU to start swinging.

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