Discover our small but beautiful FEEL FACTORY featuring a complete LETTER PRESS setup as well as our "wild" CALLIGRAPHER desk.

We love to put visions, ideas, secrets and dreams on paper, convert them into something real and everlasting. Nothing feels like carefully handcrafted original prints and handwritten pieces of art.

Here we are producing a small but evolving selection of HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTS ( from edition posters, rare old papers, to postcards and stationary,...) but are also here to provide a very special HANDCRAFT SERVICENo matter what you need: A very special invitation, a handwritten love letter, unique business cards,.... We are very happy to learn more about your impossible ideas and crazy concepts and together put them on paper.

To get you inspired, Martin and Wild Evel also offer a series of special PRINT & HANDWRITING WORKSHOPS in order to present to you the main principles and old authorities of an almost forgotten artistry.