In the spring of 2016, Fuji announced the termination of the world’s last instant packfilm production line. Since that day we’ve been searching for "Impossible" ways to save this iconic film, just as Doc had done with the last legendary Polaroid film factory, which he rescued from closure in 2008.

Uwe and Christiane of the KONO Manufaktur started the adventure with the brilliant idea of radically simplifying the original complex origami design with a one-shot paper cartridge design - ONE INSTANT was born! Over 40k shots have been taken since our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

ONE INSTANT continues to be the only peel-apart packfilm manufactured today. Using film and chemistry from our partners at the 20x24 Studio and in-house processes developed in our wonderful manufactory in the heart of Vienna, Austria – everything is hand-made by a small team under the leadership of production manager Chris.

In November of 2023 we excitedly introduced the next generation of packfilm, based on the revolutionary concept of an open-source manufactory, turning photographers into film manufacturers with the ONE INSTANT DIY FILM KIT. For the first time in instant film history, crucial production steps are put into the hands of the shooter – making this the most immersive, satisfying, and affordable ONE INSTANT experience ever!