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This is the new platform for keeping up to date with all things ONE INSTANT.

Upon completion of our Kickstarter project in the summer of 2020, we figured it was right & proper to have a right & proper place to share updates, talk shop, discuss complex nuances, and generally spread the news about our continued efforts to save pack-film and keep it alive in the 21st century.

We hope you bookmark this here page and check back often.  We plan to provide regular monthly updates (at least), and hopefully even more frequently than that, assuming we have real exciting stuff to discuss.


Best wishes from all of us at SUPERSENSE and ONE INSTANT,

Chris Holmquist; ONE INSTANT Production Manager


  • Chris

    Hi Steve! Check out the shop page for B&W ONE INSTANT film here →

    Our B&W film is ISO 400.



  • Steve Battaglia

    Ok..I’ve scanned all the previous posts and still haven’t found an answer to this question. Perhaps now shooters can jump in with personal opinions… What is the speed of the B&W packs?? I’m putting mine through a Mamiya RB67 thus needing a meter.. HELP!!

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