Dear Peel-Apart Saviors,

We are writing this month in order to share two exciting morsels of ONE INSTANT related goodness with you.

First off, we have encouraging and exciting news regarding our new CHOCO film pre-sale, which was announced last time we wrote.

Also, we just had to sing the praises and share the amazing work of one of our favorite ONE INSTANT photographers, Yuji Watanabe, who has done some very cool things with our funky little film lately.

Please read on for all the mouth-watering details...



"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

Over the last several months we've been seeing lots of ONE INSTANT CHOCO film pre-orders rolling in and we are pleased to say that we are getting very close to fulfillment. The pods are currently at the shipper in Boston and soon we'll start production in Vienna at 111% capacity.

In the intervening weeks though, we would LOVE to sell off the rest of our pre-sale quantity, which currently sits at just under 100 remaining packs. In hopes of whetting your packfilm appetite one more time, we are excited to announce a very special promotion - the CHOCO GOLDEN TICKET.

Five beautifully printed letterpress GOLDEN TICKETS will be randomly hidden amongst the outgoing shipments. This means that everyone who has already pre-ordered, and anyone who orders now, will automatically have a chance to become one of the five luckiest peel-apart shooters in the land.

This prize will not come with any of the baggage typically associated with golden ticket winners seen in past chocolate promotions, namely drowning in a chocolate river, or turning into a blueberry, nor does it come with the crippling responsibility of actually having to manage and run the production of such a hand-made product in 2023... (that job is currently taken)...

What it does mean is that the winners will receive TWO extra packs of CHOCO film in their shipments.

And if that wasn't enough, it includes an open invitation to visit us at the CHOCO factory in Vienna (transportation & lodging not included, sadly).

So don't miss your chance to win! We'd love to send off this CHOCO pre-sale in style and make sure that only the most faithful packfilm saviors in the world are rewarded for their support.
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Now, we are very proud to tell you about an amazing photographer who has seriously impressed us with his fantastic work on ONE INSTANT film.

Yuji Watanabe is a photographer based in Paris & Tokyo, who creates wonderfully dreamy and highly evocative images.

The latest edition of PIBE MAGAZINE's Spring/Summer 2023 issue Humoresque features Yuji's photography, which was exclusively shot on ONE INSTANT P7 color packfilm.

Yuji is obviously a great photographer, but we think he also manages to use the funkiness and adventuresomeness of our unique film to its fullest degree.

Please check out the PIBE issue, as well as Yuji's website and Instagram. All of you keen-eyed ONE INSTANT shooters will surely be able to identify a few excellent examples of ONE INSTANT photographs among his galleries.

Yuji Watanabe's Website
Yuji Watanabe's Instagram
Humoresque - PIBE MAGAZINE Spring / Summer 2023

Lastly, everyone at ONE INSTANT / SUPERSENSE wants to say a huge THANK YOU to Yuji! We greatly appreciate you letting us feature your amazing work in our newsletter.

Although stocks are currently running (very) low, jump over to our shop if you are interested in stocking up on P7 film for the summer!


A few notes before we go,

Don't forget to follow Yuji on Instagram and definitely keep your eyes peeled for more great ONE INSTANT examples in the future.

Also, a friendly reminder that all CHOCO pre-orders of three 3-packs or more get free shipping.

We'll be in touch again soon, but in the meantime, happy peeling and enjoy spring!

From everyone here at ONE INSTANT / SUPERSENSE,


p.s. As usual, we'd love to hear from you at 

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