Dear B&W Packfilm Believers,

We have very good news to share with you! After nearly a year of waiting, your patience is about to be rewarded.

A few weeks back, we received an ecstatic email from John at the 20x24 Studio with a simple subject line... HOLY F***ING S***. (pardon our french...)

We knew right away that there must be some good news inside, and indeed there was!

At last, the boys in Boston had succeeded in formulating a truly remarkable black & white reagent!

The results speak for themselves; gorgeous blacks, good contrast, no mottling or streaking, high sharpness.... wow, wow, WOW!

We are extremely grateful for the hardwork that John and his crew put in over the past year. There were a lot of ups and downs, but they have every reason to be extremely proud of their efforts.

The whole ONE INSTANT / SUPERSENSE sends a huge THANK YOU to John and his team!

Within a week of this great news, we already had in our hands an express shipment of test pods, and we got right to work dialing in the right rail height, testing our different film stocks, and understanding the full capabilities of this film and reagent.

After just a few shots, we were in love with the results in ONE INSTANT format...

So, what are the next steps you ask??

Well, we are now waiting for the big shipment of 3333 pods to fulfill all the pre-orders, and we are expecting to be able to start production in late-August/early-September. If all goes as planned, we think we can finish up all these orders before the first autumn leaf hits the ground. It should be doable!

In the meantime, sit tight, start polishing your lenses, clean your rollers, calibrate your light-meters, and get ready to go shooting with ONE INSTANT BLACK & WHITE.

As usual, please write to with any questions, concerns, queries, compliments, ideas, etc.

Warm wishes from Vienna,

Chris H.
ONE INSTANT Production Manager


  • Iain Hamilton-Cummings

    Wowwww What brilliant news ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Canโ€™t wait for this to come through my letterbox (once Iโ€™ve ordered it)
    Well done all ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Iain H C

  • Paul Nangeroni

    Glad to see the 672 negative that I designed(had the idea to use the gray base and assisted in implementing it)finally working well again. Glad to have assisted Gerry, Ted and John with goo changes. wishing you much success.

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