Dear Black & White Believers,

Please cross your fingers and say a little (non-denominational) prayer for our friends at the 20x24 Studio.

A veritable avalanche of pre-orders has enabled us to immediately get the ball rolling on the resurrection of black & white packfilm, and the boys in Boston are already planning their first reactor run of reagent.

If all goes well, we might hear some good news before Christmas, but more likely we won't know how it turned out until 2021.

We know you're excited, but patience!

Now... we're not an overly superstitious bunch, but I'm quite sure that a few hundred good vibes sent in the direction of John and his team wouldn't hurt.

So please, send them express, without delay, and if we've all been good boys and girls in 2020, maybe Santa will surprise us with something extra-special underneath our trees this year...



In the meantime, this might be the last chance to pre-order at the unbelievably low price of €8/shot!


- Chris



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