The Ultimate Test Shot



Dear all,

yes, of course my poor project manager Marli, the only one who really works day and night to bring some structure and professional organization into the crazy Supersense world, was right that it is NOT a good idea to schedule the ultimate Prototype Test Video Shooting just a few days before the planned Kickstarter launch.

AND to save only 2 prototypes for this Video Shooting because of using all our other prototypes for 23 ideas and things I could not resist to try before this ultimate event, in order to squeeze the whole potential out of this amazing new material.

Which was honestly a bad idea as in the end we suffered from the famous demonstration effect, with our prototype exactly not working when filming one of the main sequences of our Kickstarter video.

Sooo... what should I do other than apologize first to Marlene and then the rest of the world? With no pods left for more ultimate proofs of concept in an all real prototype that delights you with the magic we were already capable of developing in our lab spread tests??

Once again, Ted and John from the 20x24 team jumped in an saved our lives, producing a new patch of new pods within just a few days and sending them over faster than light. Making it possible to build another round of ultimate prototypes and organize a new final shooting for simply magic final results on Thursday (8.11) afternoon. 

As it's an integral part of our video concept to show and prove that our prototype can already be inserted in any camera and used for a successful result, this unfortunately means that we once again have to slightly delay the start of the campaign and I can not tell you how super sad I am to once again bring you such incredibly unprofessional news. 

You have my word that we will do our best to keep the delay in the range of just a super few days. The only thing left for me now - while Uwe spends endless hours in the darkroom to assemble the best handmade prototypes ever - is to prove that this time Marli is not right again as she's predicting that with this unnecessary delay I finally will loose the last tiny crumble of my credibility. 

Please stay with me!!!!



  • Roger Wade

    Have I missed the kickstarter? Can’t find the update. Thx all

  • fatofthelamb

    “Few” days, uh?

  • Rich

    Any updates?

  • Christian Seymour

    No reason to apologize! Making film from scratch may be one of the hardest and also most expensive thing a person can do. the fact that you guys have gone anywhere with this is amazing! I’m totally willing to wait for an affordable return to pack film so I can finally use my Polaroid 350 again without breaking the bank every shoot I do.

  • Patrick N Elsass

    ooooookay. Keep us posted.

  • Dragos A.

    My Sinar P with its Polaroid Back is patient enough. I’d rather wait for “a super few days” and have a masterpiece in my hands, than not wait and not have new instant films for my Sinar.

  • Isaac Zimmerman

    I am with you. I believe that you and your team can do this! Good things come to those who wait.

  • keith

    yeah, i’m with you, you’ll always have my support

  • Hanns Rüdiger Röttgers

    Never mind any delays…keep on trying, knowing that (perhaps not exactly) millions of enthusiasts worldwide are breathlessly watching…


    a few days delay seems reasonable in comparison to not having packfilm again… say… ever? :)

    I believe in you guys!

  • Jamie

    agreed. I trust your track record, and I am excited and ready to support your new film!!

  • Aaron Smith

    We are with you- getting pretty excited to see what you’ve been up to!!

  • Jonathan Smith

    You managed to do the impossible once Doc, I am not giving up on the hope that my Polaroid Land 360 will be able to run again. Keep up the good work! -Jonathan

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