The Palace Events in November

Dear all, 

we are looking forward to welcome you to the following events in our palace: 

  • 9 NOV / WED 7pm      There's Always Time for Jazz: 280 Strings

  • 10 NOV / THU 7pm     Reading with Lukas Pellmann: Instamord

  • 11 NOV / FRI 7 pm    Book Launch Party with Florian Kaps
              8.30 pm    Concert with Petty Fours

  • 17 NOV / THU 7.30 pm VSA KAFFEEHAUSKONZERT feat. Wolves Around

  • 18 NOV / FR 5pm     EYES ON Workshop: 8x10 Photography Basics

  • 25 NOV / FR 11 am   EYES ON Shooting: 20x24 in Action 



There's Always Time for Jazz:
280 Strings

This Jazz Night is going to be rather massive and staggering: Sascha Peres and The Metro Trio will be joined by a 12-men-string orchestra, feat. excellent musicians such as Kirill Kobantschenko (Philharmoniker), Mario Gheorghiu (RSO), Florian Eggner (Eggner Trio) or Tim Dunim. Special Guest is Michael Kahlig (Staatsoper) and Celina Ann Oman.



Reading with Lukas Pellmann:
Instamord 1 

Without doubt Lukas Pellmann is writing the most exciting and interactive local crime stories. Tonight he presents the first part of his latest story - about a serial killer who chooses his victims from the Instagram scene - thereafter readers can influence the story via Instagram & Co. Don't miss!




EYES ON Talk & Book Release Party:
Florian Kaps - Polaroid 

Within this Eyes On Talk, Florian "Doc" Kaps will not only talk about his never ending love and efforts for analog treasures in a digital world, but he will also present his book "Polaroid. The Magic Material", released November 3. 



Live in Concert:
Petty Fours 

If you don't simply have to dance the night away when listening to Petty Fours, it's definitively not their fault: their repertoire features danceable Country Swing from the 40s, Blues and Rock'n'roll from the 50s and Soul-Jazz from the 60s.  




VSA Kaffeehauskonzert:
Wolves Around 

Wolves Around is the Indiefolk-Project by the Graz based musician Lukas W., founded in 2015 and with songs dedicated to change, pain, loss and hope. Grand themes that come with small gestures. Soothing. 



EYES ON Workshop:
8x10 Photography Basics 

If you've always wanted to start with large format photography, this hands-on workshop is yours: photographer Eva Mühlbacher will introduce you how to use a 8x10 camera,  what to pay attention to when shooting on Impossible 8 x 10 film and how to use the camera to create the perfect portrait.

  • When: Friday, November 18, 5pm-8pm 
  • Workshop Fee: 70,- EUR incl. your personal 8x10 photo to take home
  • Register at
  • Facebook Event Details



EYES ON Shooting: 
The 20x24 Polaroid Camera in Action 

Between 1977 and 1979 Polaroid built the largest instant cameras in the company’s history. Today, only 7 oven these dinosaur cameras are available worldwide - and only 1 of them is generally accessible to the public: at Supersense.
Eva Mühlbacher has worked with this most unusual camera for years. During this special live shoot, she will demonstrate its use. Join us to watch her operate the legendary 20 x 24 camera, marvel at the rare 20 x 24 Polaroid film, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.



We're looking forward to seeing you,

your SUPERSENSE team 



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