Save Packfilm Superhero Nr. 6 :: Theo "TED" McLelland


Dear all,

it is my true honor to introduce one of the most powerful and most experienced SUPERHEROES of our Save Packfilm team:

Theo "TED" McLelland

He might be the oldest member of our league of extraordinary gentlemen, but spending two days of training and testing with him recently in Ashland, CA, I was really impressed by his extraordinary performance and energy. 

Ted basically replaces a whole instant film factory team leading the chemical development and production of the world's most ultimate peel apart film production known as 20x24 studio. This amazing superhero can solve each and every problem with just the materials he finds in the room and even if you blindfold this guy and tie him down to a chair, he still would produce you the best film developer you have ever had.

Ted looked at our challenges and magically built us a whole series of super powerful prototype packfilm pods for our next test series whilst eating a turkey sandwich.

It is a true honor and endless inspiration to have TED, who already was in the team of Dr. Land and Howie Rogers (the inventor of color instant film), in our team as one of our key members.

Please stay tuned for more.















  • Jamie

    Heck yes! What an update! I am really excited to see what you all have in store for us!

  • Martin

    Oh, my Polaroid 180 is patiently waiting to be used again!

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