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Dear all,

thinking day and night and day about all aspects and possible challenges of our save packfilm adventure, now that we finally enter the final phase, I want to remind you of a very important fact:

Only if we also take care and develop clever strategies to save all these amazing packfilm cameras out there, we have a realistic chance to build a solid future for our new packfilm materials.

Introduced in 1963 with the iconic model 100, the first mass produced camera with an electronic shutter in history, with more than 1 million cameras sold in just 3 years, the packfilm format was the moment when instant pictured entered the next level.

Growing up from cool instant snapshots to high quality photography. The perfect medium for capturing your most precious moments with a whole range of high class cameras equipped with simply the very best technical features available of that time.

So as we plan to re-start the production of packfilm we are also very proud and excited that some of the most experienced instant camera experts have joined our team and our mission to build a new future for the material we love so much. Collecting, refurbishing old cameras and even building new cameras in order to win new customers for the most magic instant material of this planet.

You will hear soon about the amazing team from Retrospekt, our camera wizard Henny Waanders and many more but today I wanted to introduce Mr. Daniel Toullic, as he is one of the oldest "save instant cameras" supporters and friend in our long history. He was the one who helped us with large numbers of carefully refurbished Polaroid 600 and SX70 cameras as the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT became possible and the demand for these cameras exploded, and he now became a super important supporter for our save packfilm project.

We are celebrating the future of packfilm with a first small series of a very special packfilm camera: the super rare KEYSTONE PACKFILM camera family. Please have a look at our Save Packfilm Supporter Shop to learn more about these very special tools (as always all the proceeds will directly go into the new production of pack film) and please keep your eyes open for all the packfilm camera out there. Saving as many as possible.








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