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Dear all,

super busy and honestly in deep water I don't have too much time left for another blog entry that's why I decided to let someone else speak instead of me.

Someone who recently sent me an amazing E-Mail out of the blue which really touched me deep inside because it describes exactly how I'm feeling the magic of packfilm - which I always have a very hard time to find the right words for. John did a great job in doing so - please read for yourself:

Hello Saviors of Packfilm,

My name is John Obee and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing composing this email, but I know that I want to be somehow involved in this revival or at least let my presence be known. I received my first Polaroid Spectra Camera when I was 8 and regularly started shooting packfilm in 2011 on a 250 Land Camera. Packfilm has affected me in ways I never thought could happen. I think that the SX-70 and 600 series film is fun and an easy invitation into the wide world of instant film, but it was the challenge and limitations of my faithful 250 that showed me the tall mountain challenge of collecting my memories and storing them on film that I instantaneously got when I took the picture. It’s the idea of looking at a photograph you procured in a moment in time that won’t ever change for as long as you keep that picture. I’m really not sure if this is making any sense or if I’m really just rambling on about something I’ve never been able to articulate correctly to my friends and family. When Fujifilm announced the end of their packfilm, I nearly shut down my entire hobby. I tried desperately to enjoy the Instax wide film, but to no avail. Nothing has come even remotely close to the clarity and enjoyment I have had with 100c, 100c Silk, and 3000b. I’m all but certain that you guys have gotten numerous emails such as this one, and I apologize for the assumed redundancy, but I just want someone out there to know that you guys are saving my absolute favorite thing I have ever experienced  and will continue to experience through what I’ve shot already in my 25 years of existence.

 I live in the suburban land outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota and work in a Laboratory for a hydraulic filter manufacturer. Attached is a 100c Silk photo of myself that I staged to look much older than when I took it a few years ago. Additionally, my old tumblr that I ran with an ex-girlfriend of mine is linked here. It’s since been abandoned after I left her and packfilm was pulled off stage. On it are a fraction of the photographs I had the patience to scan and upload. I apologize for not attaching “My Favorite Packfilm Photo” mostly because I love all the pictures I’ve taken. I don’t expect a reply, but I appreciate if someone out there took the time to glaze over this and perhaps even a few pictures from my old blog. I love what all of you are doing for this, it’s keeping me from losing all hope.

John Obee

Looking forward to reviving this magic together with you real soon.










  • Randy Jennings

    What else can be said that hasn’t been said before? I’ve done one Polaroid book, Everyday People – Polaroid Big Shot Portraits, and I feel I have more in me that I’d like to do yet.

  • Thomas Aldridge

    Hello from Oak Ridge TN USA. I pray you guys bring packfilm back to us. I love shooting with the 100c film i have left and keep buying what I can find. I love to share the moments i capture. 2 recent examples. Me and my girlfriend went to the mountains for a get a way. We were eating on a patio overlooking a beautiful river. I saw a younger couple with their whole family, he just asked his girl to marry him. I asked if they would like to have a real pic taken of them with my vintage camera. I took the pic and gave it to them. Their whole family gathered around to gaze at the pic I gave them. A real pic of a real moment in real time. As usual my Polaroid 450 took a flawless shot. Only a month ago we went to an air show. I took a pic of a huge cargo jet. I walked over to the crew and gave them the picture from my 450. That pic is now on a wall at the airbase in SC. They loved having that beautiful real picture. I love to share and give people their personal moment in time. At the same time it may create another devotee. Please, we beg you to succeed. There are more of us out here hoping for this, than you know. Its a passion that we all share. We will support you.

  • Mario

    The time was never better to PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON
    Do it! I dare you, I double dare you

  • Pete

    I was excited when the Impossible Project revived integral pack film….but the prospect of reviving peel apart pack film is, to me, and obviously to Mr Obee too reading his great words, is so so much bigger and more exciting…I can’t wait…I have one pack of FP100C left and i have been so reluctant to use it, but I am going to use it now hoping there will be a replacement in the future!

  • Matthew KLopp

    Wow that was amazing I deeply feel every word he wrote and greatly hope you make a wonderful future for packfilm

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