Looking for Save Packfilm Supermodel

Dear all,

with only 3 more weeks to go we're going completely crazy with fine-tuning our latest prototype, marveling at first samples of our newly developed packaging, and step by step digesting our still super long to do list for our Kickstarter adventure.

Currently in the final planning stage for our emotional, blockbuster style key video we realized that we


to show the world that this material is NOT ONLY for old guys like my boring self, still hanging on with the leftovers of the last century because of romantic reasons. This adventure is NOT about the past. It has to be about the future.


Because, honestly, at the end of the day - and as biggest positive surprise in my life - the new generation of digitally grown up photographers turned the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT into something so astonishingly possible – and it will also be them who are ready to discover our new packfilm.

We are now looking for protagonist for one of our video's main scenes and additional eye candy materials that will make this SAVE PACKFILM campaign the most powerful and intriguing promotion of instant film ever produced.

Please, please get in contact with me if you...

  • are ready to be our new packfilm generation supermodel
  • love peel apart Type 100 film & own a magic packfilm camera that you use on a regular basis
  • are or look like < 45 years
  • love the idea of supporting us to show the world how magic this material and capturing your most magic moments on packfilm really is

Please send a short E-Mail that will allow us to distill your serious packfilm passion along with 2 of your most favorite packfilm photos you ever took as well as a portrait of yourself to doc@supersense.com

Very much looking forward to meeting you and dancing together soooooon,








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  • Spencer Kelly

    hi, my name is Spencer; I shoot packfilm very often with a 600se and a couple dozen other Land cameras. If you’re still wanting examples of packfilm photography feel free to browse my insta @bipolaroid_disorder_ ; do you really think you can save this format? What can I do to help, where are you at with it, what’s the main hurdle are you currently trying to get over right now??

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