Dear all,

sitting on a night train, traveling back to Vienna after meeting some old friends with highly possible, new PACKFILM SUPERHERO potential in Florence, I finish the homework I promised you last week:

Providing you with more information about how we will use the proceeds of our Packfilm Supporter Shop in order to prepare the best possible way for our Packfilm Kickstarter Campaign in September.

On the picture you see the entrance door to the amazing Kickstarter office in Brooklyn, NY. I took this photo it in 2016 when visiting them the first time. Already back then, the main topic for my visit was my big dream to save this amazing material with the help of the community. It became clear to me that day that a perfectly prepared Kickstarter campaign is the one and only chance to success, and together with their creative team we discussed some possible strategies.

The real beauty and at the same time "the challenging beast" of such a campaign is the fact that it combines the possibility of a pre-sale based pre-financing of a production with the character of the hardest and most authentic market research mankind ever invented. Because each and every campaign asks a very precise question: DO YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT / SUPPORT THIS PROJECT? There is no "maybe" and no "eventually".  

If you fail - and not enough people are interested in what you have to offer right away - the chance is over and your dream ends.

Therefore compromises are no option and the key elements for a perfect campaign have to be developed with all honesty and focus:

1. A perfectly working prototype and real proof of concept
2. Waterproof agreements with all key partners
3. Clear understanding of all production and development costs that you base your end customer prices on (also defining the reward prices)
4. A dense network of supporters and influencers taking care that all potential customers globally hear about this campaign

So, this is the reason why we need your support right away. Not just talking about peseta, but also talking about your help to build a network and support us with your expertise and energy (thank you for the many offers we already received from you in the last weeks!!).

My main focus for the next days is to once again travel the world to do last tests and negotiations with key partners, producing and collecting all components needed to build a REAL FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE here in Vienna, to be presented and demonstrated in the campaign without any tricks and shortcuts.

Also, my team started to activate all our global contacts and put together a small team of designers, so we can also present you the beauty of our new PACKFILM as magically as it already appears in our dreams.

Because honestly we know that most likely this is our ultimate chance to save this wonderful material and therefore this Kickstarter Campaign has to be based on a simply 120% IRRESISTABLE PRODUCT.

For all of you that are already convinced TODAY, and do trust me in never giving up and making the impossible possible, we are introducing a new "product" in our SUPPORTER SHOP right away. A hopefully perfect solution for all of you who contacted us over the last days, asking for a possibility to DONATE for this cause, as they love the project but do not want to spend money on high shipping costs (or their refrigerators are already stuffed with Fuji). We can not accept donations and therefore we created a special SAVE PACKFILM  Voucher that you can purchase from exactly now on. All proceeds will be 100% used in order to pre-finance the next development steps right away, and at the same time you can use it for purchases in our Packfilm Supporter Shop (best as soon as the new films are online in the hopefully not too far future.)

Very much hoping that all or most of this strategy do make sense for you and we can count on your urgently needed support to SAVE PACKFILM together.

Yours truly,



  • Dylan


  • James Lane

    Yay! Now I can buy a Polaroid back for my Mamiya RB67!

  • Nik Cannon

    When I get paid I will donate ££! I love pack film, And so do my Land cameras!

  • Juan C.

    Just donated 50 Euro to the cause. I hope it all goes well for the Kickstarter. Best of luck team!

  • Matthew Klopp

    I am so thankful that there are people so insanely passionate as I am about this brilliant analog technology. I am with you through the journey. I am beyond excited for what the future holds and 120% ready!

  • Juan C.

    So glad to hear your working on this great cause mate. We’re all wishing and hoping here in Australia! Can I also suggest you share this news on the Polaroid Peel Apart forums on Flickr to mobilise those long waiting photographers as well? Best of luck and I look forward to more updates!

  • Jamie

    As always, thank you for the update and your dedication!

  • Hoyet Taylor


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