Kickstarter Emergency Operation


Dear all,

I quickly write this important update late at night Vienna time, super tired. The last week has been super crazy. Not only have we dived deeply into the final phase of our grande packfilm campaign - with some good progress and some medium sized disasters on a daily rollercoaster basis - but also we received a loud and urgent emergency call from our network in Vienna.

Mr. Willy Kolleger, the brave last man standing still operating his amazing LINOTYPE machine, reliable partner in many letterpress projects, informed us that finally he has to give up and close down his workshop. And that he will have to completely vacate his magic print wonderland complete by the end of the year already.

This gives us only very few weeks to organize, pre-finance and execute the re-location of his treasures, most importantly the LINOTYPE machine. Once again a truly impossible mission. After some short brainstorm session we decided that a quick, short Kickstarter Emergency call for help is the only chance we have.

Therefore I would like to invite you today to click on this KICKSTARTER link – I'm sorry this is not yet the link that you've been waiting for for such a long time with all your analog heart. BUT never the less I would be very honored if you have a look at this wonderful machine and maybe even help me spreading the message and continue building a network together of people who share the vision that old proud technology simply has to be saved from junkyard.

Thank you!!









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