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today I'm introducing SUPERHERO Nr. 4: UWE Mimoun. Actually I've known Uwe for a long time, working on several crazy projects more or less connected to the world of photography. Uwe has an incredibly strong superpower to think outside the box, combined with an outstanding photochemical expertise, blended with innovative creativity. Uwe developed and realized several wonderful projects for the Lomographic Society and other big players before starting his own projects under the Kono brandname.

For several years we met on an irregular basis to brainstorm wildest dreams and even lift some of them beyond the prototype phase. At the end of one of these sessions I totally frustrated showed him one of my last packs of packfilm, telling him: “Uwe, whenever you are really bored, please do me a favor and have a close look at this crazy origami!! You are my ultra last hope to find a new approach of how we could restart the production of this magic material. How could we possibly produce a modern version of this highly complex product with the small resources we have here without the need to pre-finance millions?? Please teach me my friend.” Uwe replied with a confident smile on his face: “ Impossible?? Ha! Just give me some days, this should not be a problem!”.

Well... several weeks went by and I did not hear anything. I honestly almost forgot about it but then we met again and Uwe put a little black paper box on my desk. The smile was gone but he informed me with a tired voice: “This little bastard almost killed me, but I think I have found a sexy solution!! Only problem is that I am afraid I will never ever be able to do it again when I take this apart to show you the concept!”.

Well, we did take it apart and after some hours filled with a lot of blood, sweat, shouting and tears we finally had a first, very basic functional demonstrator in our trembling hands.

So, to cut a long Blog post short: never before was I that positive with providing the good news: YES, I think we are proudly looking at a potential rate for success exceeding the incredible 88% ratio. I am so optimistic that I from now on will not even call this an impossible project any more.

It's only because of the fact that we have really fantastic solutions and strategies for all key parts of this project, I finally decided to re-start this Blog and even agreed to open the Supporter Shop in order to collect some funding for the necessary next steps for the first time of this adventure (with the exception of one wonderful investor, everything so far has been funded out of our own pocket as you know).

Please stay tuned to learn more about these next steps and all the homework we still have to do in order to professionally prepare for our big Kickstarter campaign...

Yours truly convinced and POSSIBLE,






  • Greg Miller

    I’ve been sort of holding my breath over this for… months (just to make myself feel like it’s not a couple years…) I eagerly await the next phase and any opportunity I have to offer my compendium of otherwise useless thoughts and ideas on how to draw an elegant solution to automating an assembly process on the right scale.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Michael Nagin

    This is the best news. SO excited for this!!!!

  • Hannah Bell

    This gives me so much hope!

  • Ariel Shelleg

    This is overwhelming.
    I can’t wait to see what comes up next. You are pure magic doc ❤️

  • Jamie

    Psyched on this update!! Thank you for the communication and hard work!! AND creativity and perseverance!!!

  • John Canada

    If you do revive pack film, please make it so it gives both a positive and a negative like FP100C!

  • jens werlein

    dear Doc, its very cool to read this all, if i can help in any way, it would be a pleasure for me…maybee with an event with the legocameras which uses packfilm…your fan and legocamerainventor jens

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