Dear Paul



Dear PAUL,

I know it will take some more days but please allow me to already send you a very warm all analog HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG. I still can not believe that you will turn amazing 90 years on October 15th, and still rock and roll with an energy and ease that deeply impresses me every time we meet. Not only your angle hair pasta with lobster is revolutionary but also your designs and drawings for me are MIND-BLOWING and in my opinion Polaroid would have never been such an iconic brand without your work and vision.

I know that usually I should send you presents, but the fact that you decided to turn this tradition upside down this year and agreed to exclusively produce and sign a small edition of 33 pieces of one of your most iconic artworks, the packfilm 180 camera to our Save Packfilm project, makes me very proud and optimistic that we can really make this happen (the ultimate 8 pieces are available here).

You are at least the "G" and the "I" in the MAGIC of Polaroid and I am super proud and honored to be your friend and biggest fan.

Truly yours,

PS: Dear Ladies and gentlemen, if you are also in love with Grandmaster Paul Giambarba's Designs, please visit him at to personally drop your birthday wishes or kisses for his 90th birthday.










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