Balancing the thin line


Dear all,

it is a very very thin line between becoming a superhero or ending as crazy dreamer. And only the most stubborn and most passionate people with endless energy and never ending capability to stand up again and again even after being hit by the biggest catastrophes will be the ones to change the world.

This is the reason why it is my true pleasure to present you my dear friends Nik and Marco. As of today, nobody knows whether these two gentlemen will be superheroes soon or if they will fail with their crazy dream to restart one of the most iconic film factories of all time: Ferrania in Italy.

Even if I cross all my fingers for their adventure, I have to say that just for trying the IMPOSSIBLE for many many super hard years by now, Nik and Marco do have my endless respect and thankfulness. Because of exactly such crazy minds I know that the future of our own impossible project, saving packfilm, will be brighter than ever imagined before. Because next generation visionaries like them will invent and produce the most outstanding and most innovative analog film components in the near future. Please believe me, this is not just about keeping some living fossils alive because of romantic reasons!!!

Many many things are slowly cooking and already smelling fantastico!! Perfectly blending old knowledge and machines with new possibilities and viewpoints. Building a global network with all these crazy ones will allow us to dream of many different flavors and editions of packfilm materials and together build the future of analog film.

Ok, ok, my imagination is going wild again. Sorry. And- yes, I have to admit that the picture does NOT YET show us in front of the new giant packfilm production plant we are currently building in Paolo Alto, because there is still a long list of homework to do. Here in Vienna and down there South at the Ferrania plant. Back to balance the thin line.








  • Kevin

    Cant wait. As a regular user of FP100c the possibility of keeping my Aura Camera working without seeing its lost to history is a grate prospect. Well done guys.

  • Jamie

    Frothing! This keeps me hopeful that a silk type pack film could find its way in the world.

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