1 Year SUPERSENSE Fiesta Dominical


Dear friends,

Just a few days till the event of the year..

THIS SUNDAY!! 11 am  - 11 pm, SUPERSENSE palace, Praterstrasse 70

We'll start at 11 o'clock with the tapping of the new Sorachi Sterlings, that has been brewed by the Bierol Gurus exclusively for the event. Beer from the barrel and for free! At the same time the  Foxy Twins will serve the hand-rolled Porchetta from grandmaster Schmölz. Strengthened this way it should be no problem to enjoy our full fiesta program:

Hand papermaking with our new friends from the Handschöpferei Steyrermühlen, live printing of a Special Edition SUPERSENSE poster by Yvonne und Robin from Voldaan Design, the bestest SUPERSENSE tombola ever and many more supersensible events, one highlight being the ceremonial opening of the SUPERSENSE Smell Lab by the world famous odour scientist and artist Sissel Tolaas and the presentation of the long anticipated Smell Memory Kit!

Finest Vinyl music will be provided by Vienna's most analog DJs. The sensational "Like Elephants", "Panda Pirate" and "The Pogo Purcell Sisters" will do live recordings in our Living Room Studio, and from 7:30 pm Fia Sco & the Majestics will rock the crowd.
(see below for detailed timetable)

We're looking forward to you

Hossa Hossa



The Fiesta Detailinos 

  • 11 am: Sorachi tapping and Porchetta cutting
  • 12 m: Hand papermaking
  • 2 pm: Special Poster Production
  • 4 pm: 8x10 Special Portrait Promotion
  • 6 pm: Karaoke Contest
  • 7 pm: Smell Lab Opening by Sissel Tolaas
  • 9 pm: Tombola
  • 10 pm: Pinball Massacre
Very Spezial Guest: Stefan Sagmeister



  • 11 am - 11 pm: DJ Discofunk / DJ Doc Sense / DJ Spoonboy / DJ Moe
  • 1 -5 pm: Live Recordings - 
Like Elephants / Panda Pirate / The Pogo Purcell Sisters
  • 7:30 pm: Bar Concert
Fia Sco & The Majestics

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    • karina

      Which numbers have made the tombola? The boy told us the nbs are to be checked online. .where? Tx..btw great cook!!

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