Supersense Supernews No.11

This week's events at the Supersense Palace:

FRIDAY 19. 12.
Your personal Flipbook Movie

This time the word workshop really means work! Under the competent guidance of the SuperSense team you will create and build your very own personal flipbook in 3 easy steps: 

  1. come to the SuperSense palace in your favourite  outfit or custome and let Marco shoot a 3 second mini movie of you.
  2. while we print your movie frames for you, you got time to assemble the flipbook.
  3. you fill the flipbook with your personalised cards - and are ready to flip!

When: Friday 19. 12. 2014, from 3pm (please expect about 1 hour for steps 1-3)
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien
Costs: 40 EUR incl. all materials
PS: if you bring your flipbook kit that you purchased at our shop in the past, you can of course attend the workshop free of charge!





SATURDAY 20. 12. 
Your Ultimate Weihnachtspackerl

Our beloved Nina, who has already wrapped (and unwrapped) about 15.000 gift packages in her young (but overwhelmed with gifts) life, has agreed to provide her fascinating skills and knowledge to our esteemed customers on Saturday afternoon.
3 options will be available:

  1. expert advice about the purchase of the world's finest packing materials (free!)
  2. you wrap the presents you brought along or bought at the palace under the professional guidance of packaging artist Nina (10 EUR incl. packaging material)
  3. you hand over your presents to Nina, head over to our bar, sip a cappuccino or a few bottles of wine, and afterwards fetch your perfectly wrapped packages happy and relaxed (2 EUR per package)

When: Saturday 20. 12. 2014, 12 pm - 5 pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien



MO, TUE 22. / 23. 12. 
The most beautiful Xmas Vouchers and more

Ok, even if you neither can nor want to imagine it now, but as a matter of fact it may happen: it's Christmas evening and you did not manage to find presents for all your beloved ones gathered around the tree.
We promise you: This xmas drama can be avoided!
On the 22nd and 23rd you can buy the most beautiful, most unique, most personal Xmas vouchers the world has ever seen, here at the SuperSense palace.
for example "Voucher in a bottle" (5 EUR)
or the "spoken or sung voucher" on a Vinyl single (15 EUR)
or "voucher on a Polaroid" (different formats, starting from 5 EUR)
or "voucher on an animated flipbook message" (40 EUR)
or a "calligraphic voucher", handwritten by Wild Evel (staring from 20 EUR)
We promise we will find a solution for your most special Xmas voucher, and of course we would be happy if you give away vouchers for some of our own products and services.
X-Mas Voucher for a Polaroid Camera Starter Kit
X-Mas Voucher for a delicious SUPERSENSE breakfast
X-Mas Voucher for a personal Vinyl single or MasterCut LP


When: Monday/Tuesday 22./23. 12. 2014, 11 am - 7 pm
Where: Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien 


stay sensual

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