Dear all, 

we're very happy to present our May program, which involves historic photographic events, whiskeyish Jazz concerts, animal loving singer songwriters and calligraphy artists. 



Impossible I-1 Camera
Pre-Launch Rock Party

For years Impossible has been working hard to develop a new analog instant camera. We're proud to celebrate the outcome of these efforts and host an exclusive pre-launch party - details to come!



There's always time for Jazz: 
TV Themes & Variations

Whether you've once upon a time been a young boy deeply impressed by the extra-hard-boiled coolness of Mike Hammer or not - you've probably already experienced how much a certain TV theme can bring you back in a certain state of mind, which once upon a time a TV series managed to put you in. The Metro Trio around Sascha Peres will be playing and improvising TV themes, accompanied by special guest Mario Gheorghiu (solo viola player of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna). And, in honor of Mike Hammer, we'll be serving whiskey, of course!

  • When: Wednesday, May 18, 6.30pm 
  • Ticket: 15,- Euro, advance sale and box office at SUPERSENSE
  • All details at the Facebook Event



VSA Kaffeehauskonzert feat.

Hannes Oud performs his songs together with Stefan Schweizer (Ukulele). Together, they celebrate the ambivalence of horse and unicorn, sing about the dance of Italian tadpoles and join a moody werewolf. They meet an animal in every respect. Probably too at the upcoming VSA Vienna Songwriting Association Kaffeehauskonzert: 

  • When: Thursday, May 19, 7:30pm
  • Entrance: contribution 
  • All details at the Facebook Event



Global Calligraphy Vienna

Interested in Western and Arabian calligraphy? The artists from Global Calligraphy Vienna will in no time introduce you into these specific writings and enable you to write your own most beautiful cards ever on finest paper. 

  • Date: Saturday, May 21, 12pm - 3pm
  • Cost: 40 Euro inclusive all materials
  • Register: with
  • Click for Facebook Link




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