Save Packfilm Travelog No. 16: Who are We?


Dear packfilm fans with your fingers crossed,

somehow it does not feel right to really just sit and wait, even if I myself just told you that there is nothing else we should or could do for the moment.

Basically on a daily basis I receive splendid suggestions on what to do, and carefully thinking about all of them one (recurring) proposal might be a really clever one. Therefore I would love to change my mind and kindly invite you to uncross your fingers for some minutes in order to shoot some self portraits on your last remaining packfilm resources.


I think this would not be wasted material as I really think it would add a lot of energy to our mission to also add our faces to our signatures. I am very sure that the FUJI management would be very surprised to look into our faces and find out that we are NOT just a crowd of 60+ year old people, still running a dusty passport picture machine in the back of their shop. 

So please let us collect as many packfilm selfies as possible in order to add even more weight to our mission. No matter if you prefer to really shot yourself with an acrobatic exercise or prefer a classic mirror shot. I tried both versions and really had a good time, feeling much better than just sitting there re-freshing my inbox every 10 minutes and praying to the analog lord that FUJI soon will send us a positive feedback.

NOW, please share your packfilm self portrait on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr with the #wesavepackfilm hashtag
. Very much looking forward to seeing all your faces soon!







  • Ianalog

    Super project; Dream can become reality. But there is a concern, No one talks about it, nor does it communicate that.
    There is currently a KICKSTARTER campaign set up by the partner and collaborator of florian kaps DOC: NEW 55, which deals with the development of technologies and machines
    To start an industrial production of the support which will serve to perpetuate the 100 packfilm type, abandoned by FUJIFILM.
    If you want the legacy to be perpetuated, it is very important to communicate around you the presence of this project and the link, if you want this to happen.
    Thank you all for sharing and participating in this campaign.
    Here is the link:

  • john parisi

    although I am over 60, I still am an avid user. Maybe that is actually a good marketing group as we still remember the good old days and have cameras sitting on shelves. I know young people think us old folks are set in our ways but I am learning every day..and I know have the time to do just that :)

  • dylan gordon

    thank you doc for your efforts. I have a suggestion. Pack film is a photographers tool, and is usually used with higher end cameras and lighting. I.E. i use a hasselblad or mamyiya rz and either good daylight situation, or strobe with a light shaping modifier, I.E. Profoto with elinchrom. I think we need to show there is a whole new generation of photographers who use it for this purpose, and tap into that. Show the guys at Fuji some really killer looking shoots from pro market, art and fashion shooter. That will be the trend setter, then maybe find an easy to use camera system that can be manufactured and marketed today. Just a thought

  • iGlad

    This could get messy!!! lol

  • Raymond van Mil


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