Record Store Day at SUPERSENSE

Dear vinyl friends,

even though we are not exactly a typical record store, we are proud to be part of the Record Store Day! We dare to say that there is no more palatial place on earth to celebrate this special day, so please open your eyes and ears to discover the following magic vinylesque highlights: 



-> 1pm: Live-Concert & Master Recording Session by Polkov  
   at the SUPERSENSE Living Room Studio

-> 3-5pm: Record Release Signing by Tanz Baby! in celebration
   of the strictly limited Edition 77 #3 Record Release

-> A selection of exclusive records that are usually hard to find 
   in Austria, hand-selected by the one and only Gregorio Samsa

EDITION 77 #3:


The Viennese band "Tanz Baby!" recorded eight of their beautiful sad songs in new splendor at our Living Room Studio. With the same dedication that they made their music with, we hand-cut the record into our beloved acetate and are now proud to offer you another of our limited editions, containing: 
  • One of 77 hand-cut Tanz Baby! records
  • In a hand-made cover, designed by Wild Evel and printed in our in-palazzo printery
  • Accompanied by an original 8x10 photo portrait of the duo
  • Visit our TANZ BABY! MICROSITE for videos, photos and more


Tanz Baby!
123 EURO
Shipment starts April 16, 2016

Looking forward to meeting you at the Record Store Day,





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