Dear all of you who are so patiently waiting for packfilm news and updates,

even if we are still waiting for some precise feedback to all our questions as well as proposals discussed with the Fuji management over the last weeks, I nevertheless can inform you about some new glimpses of hope at our analog horizon.

Well, maybe you remember that I told you about the miracle of some incredible powerful support that heaven sent me about a week ago. I'm still not in the position to mention any name, but  this gentleman developed an amazing letter, framing his outstanding support for our project in polite and very precise words. At the end of last week, this letter was translated into Japanese and sent directly to the office of Mr. Shigetaka Komori, the powerful and wise FUJIFILM CEO.

Already on Tuesday I received the information from my network in Japan that this letter was well received and that Mr. Komori will "officially send the reply back to you and your supporter".

So, please let us cross all our fingers that this reply might hopefully really be the beginning of the new future of pack film, like we all see it very clearly in our dreams. 
Still, this unfortunately seems to be the only really important thing we can do at the very moment, as we want to give Fujifilm at least one week to develop this official reply without taking any further action for now. 

As always I will keep you closely in the loop.





  • Jenny

    Hi I would like to send a letter or email to Mr Kimoro.regarding a customer handling experience that deeply saddens my heart. Is there a way to reach him

  • still

    DOC.Specially thanks for your help.That won’t be the last of us.

  • Genny

    You, Florian, are a hero of epic proportions to all of us who love pack film. Regardless of what happens now, thanks to you we have hope and even if pack film ceases to exist it won’t be without a worthy fight. Thank you so much for everything you have done to save this beloved film. I have a good feeling about all of this :)

  • Juan Cebada

    Thanks for the info and for yours efforts to save us!

  • Brian

    I was just reading that Adox in Germany saved some of the Ilford machinery from Switzerland after many months of negotiation… hopefully a deal like that can be worked out!


    Dear Doc,
    Thank you for the update! I am holding my breath in hopes that the film we love gets saved. The powerful investor from California sounds like a gift from heaven, i pray he saves pack film. Thank you for all you do to make that happen!

  • Ron

    Thanks again, Doc! Fingers crossed!

  • Kim Deslandes

    Thank you for keeping us updated. While we wait, we hope!

  • George


  • Julian

    Positive Energy out to you Brother! A Generation of Millenial Babies are being introduced to the analog still moments us babies of Baby Boomers grew up with! Keep on Keeping On!

  • Frank "Doc" Dougherty

    Happy April Fools Day! Doc, I just got caught up with you travelog. Again, many many thanks for being foolish enough to take this journey. Here’s to the Crazy Ones! We are all indebted to you.

  • iglad

    We are right behind you in all your efforts. As for the name of the supporter i don’t need to know who they are but if they are writing letters to the head of Fujifilm, then he’s a very big deal. Fingers crossed!!

  • Luc Masson Todeschini

    Let’s cross every part of our body :)

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