SAVE PACKFILM TRAVELOG NO. 14: Impossible Projects


When being stuck in the middle of some impossible projects, almost nothing feels better than the experience that there are many other crazy people out there, also fighting for their visions, no matter how small their chances to succeed are. In this respect, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Jens Meurer.

I first met him about 3 years ago at a small Italian restaurant in Berlin. As I knew that he was an experienced and quite successful filmmaker and producer, I did my very best to get him excited about the Impossible adventure to keep Polaroid film alive. We ended up diving deep into discussions about the wonderful re-discovery of everything analog in our digital world.

To my delight, Jens called me just a few days later to inform me about his decision to start working on a documentary on this thrilling topic. It really felt like Jens is the perfect man to take on this challenge, and without a big surprise he decided to really shoot this film completely analog and even on 35mm!!!! Yes!!! 

Little did I know that this of course adds an incredible amount of required cash. But Jens managed to source the starter cash and soon he started to show up on important locations all over the world with his small but dedicated film team. Basically every week turned out to be a fight for more budget in order to secure the next sequence, but Jens and his team never showed any doubt for their mission.

Well, today we had the pleasure to welcome Jens and his team at SUPERSENSE, and of course I also had to share the details of our new impossible project to save the iconic packfilm. It was a fantastic feeling to summarize the journey so far in front of a wonderful 35mm camera. Now, ladies and gentlemen, our impossible packfilm project is documented on maybe the most durable archival film material of mankind and finally an inseparable part of history.

“What will be the outcome of this crazy project?” Jens asked me at the end of our interview. “Of course we will save it!” I replied with a smile on my face, “Your documentary for sure deserves a happy end!!”




  • Wendy

    Keeping our bathroom leaves burning bright…we’re sending smoke signals across the sea – can’t you we smell our optimism from there?!

  • Les Berkley

    Keep up the good work. I just had a fun and productive day shooting FP-100c.

  • Ann O.

    I thank you for everything you do on our behalves, and the people you inspire to contribute their talents to the cause.

  • Dennis Toeppen

    The analog movement: is it really that different from close encounters of the third kind? are we not all building devil’s tower in our living rooms?

  • Michael Bartosek

    This is extremely exciting on all fronts!! Thanks for the persistence and hardwork,saving film formats we love.

  • Axel Breton

    Great news, are you doing this in order to get fujifilm’s attention? What can we do now…? Is waiting all there is left?

  • Juan Cebada

    Great new!
    A film with happy end!
    Best regards from Spain.

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