Save Packfilm Travelog No. 8: No! But Yes!


Dear all,

please forgive the long silence, but the last hours have not been very easy for me.

Allow me to start this update with the 2 worst pictures I so far managed to squeeze out of this wonderful camera. These images are my 2 desperate attempts to at least create some real and tangible outcome of my meeting in Osaka yesterday.


The gentleman to the left is the wonderful high rank Fuji manager Mr. Sadahiro Fujibayashi, and on the right, you can hopefully see Mr. Shinichi Sano, from On and On, one of the most powerful instant photography distributors in Japan.

Well, please do not ask me in detail what exactly happened in this meeting, as most of the time the language switched to Japanese and most of the translated phrases sounded like "this most likely might maybe not even eventually be slightly possible" (which is at least much better than the clear statement I heard back then from Polaroid "This is impossible"). 

But to be as serious as I possibly can, my dear analog ladies and gentlemen:

NO! None of my 3 detailed proposals immediately created a promising reaction.

BUT YES! I have at least been promised that my proposals and my detailed presentation as well as this WONDERFUL and impressive list of signatures (which I printed out) will be passed on to the next level in Tokyo and that MAYBE I will receive feedback.

At least, that's better than nothing and I would not have expected a straight and simple YES even in my most positive dreams. BUT, to be completely honest, I'm frustrated right now as Jun and I have been waiting the whole day for the confirmation that my meeting at the Tokyo Office will be called on again (after being put on hold beginning of the week). By now the hope to have a chance to explain my proposals in front of the next level of FUJI management has gone.

Still, according to some super supportive FUJI insiders that I had the pleasure to meet here and also due to some Japanese press contacts, this must not be a final dead end street.

And honestly it feels like this was just the beginning and the warm up to be built around one big hope that these machines are still not destroyed. Even if I'm disappointed and tired right now, I do feel like we still have a chance and that this first attempt was not a complete failure but an important first step on a long journey that now turns out to be as difficult as we all have been afraid it would be.

I'm flying back home with a lot more insight of the more than delicate situation, with a deep freshly discovered love for packfilm and still an indestructible hope for the essential importance of keeping iconic creative materials like this one alive and even pass it on to our children.

If you could find the time and energy to stay with me, even if I could not yet really deliver any good results, I would be more than honored as only united we finally will make this happen. 

Yours truly, 




    I think if you can purchase the entire operation turnkey so as to assure a continuity of quality and take the burden of their hands they may consider it. any strings attached I doubt since the money is too small for such a huge company- they have been trying to get rid of this needle in the haystack for a generation now- the entire Fujifilm was too small of a profit for the Fuji empire. I you can take the buildings the staff and the business model you may have a chance- telling Japanese Buisness men you have better ideas is like instant hara-kiri;). YES YOU DID GET FARTHER lol

  • Kraig H.

    Thank you for all that you are doing, shooting pack film is a great pleasure for us. showing our younger generation how film was process way back before their parents were young, I shoot a Land 420 and still get reactions/comments from young and older generation “that still works?” or “they still make film for those?” its a great feeling knowing that in this digital age film photography still is alive and lets keep it alive. for many generations to come. save pack film!

  • Genny

    We all support you. I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing. What if a new camera were made, and mass produced, that used pack film? If the new camera were properly marketed perhaps demand for pack film would make its production a no-brainer for fugi.

  • susanne melanie berry

    i have faith in you. take a breather, refocus, and get back in there.

  • Vince

    Hi Doc,

    I hope you’ve made it safely made it home and are decompressing after such a rough ride. After 15 years working for large Japanese companies and one of the national universities, I’ve seen that played out many times. I don’t think it’s over yet, as you said, but I think you’ll need to come at this from another direction to gain traction. Though, it would probably be helpful if you and your colleagues here in Japan could figure out why Fujifilm is saying no.

    The first thing I thought of is that one should never underestimate the conservatism of Japanese business culture. They may see selling their technology to you as giving a potential boost to TIP. At the end of the day, however, there is very little track record of Japanese industrial companies selling a business unit (even a shuttered one) to foreign investors, which may be the root problem.

    A few things you might consider as options are: proposing a joint venture with Fujifilm to produce and sell FP-100C (and FP-100B and FP-3000B!!!), proposing a JV to do that based in Japan, commissioning a SO run of FP-100C to give everyone another five years.

    Keep your hopes up. Fujifilm is a lock, and you just need to find the right key. If anyone can do that it will be you. Good luck!

  • Kelly V Clark

    Thanks Doc!

  • Wendy

    Mark and I just returned from a similar trip…full of hope and expectation. Like you, we really gave it our best effort, but the results were not what we were wishing for. We are constantly inspired by you Doc – keeping the faith no matter what obstacles.

    “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality” – Nikos Kazantzakis

  • Romulo

    Congratulations for your efforts and commitment for the cause. We all hope for the best but as I said elsewhere, sadly, I believe these machines are not longer available. I hope I’m wrong…but Fuji its Fuji! We all here love instant film. Our respect Mr kapas

  • Luc Masson Todeschini

    Dear Doc,

    When you left IMPOSSIBLE, I cried… I don’t know if you remember but, in September 2013, you were supposed to go to Paris at the Shop, visiting Peter and his team. Peter was planning a restaurant for all of us…
    I would have really appreciated to meet the man who saved Integral instant photography.
    I hope you will be successful in this new crazy challenge, we from Polaroid Passion are all supporting you!
    If you convince FUJI to not disassemble the machine, count on my and my modest money to be part of it.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Joann

    Thank you so very much, Doc! No matter what happens you did what you could for now, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I’m one of the many with you and waiting to hear what we can next do to help in the effort to save pack film. Onward and upward!

  • Juan Cebada

    Keep it on!
    La lucha continúa!
    Best regards from Spain

  • Luis Laugga

    Thank you! I was wondering if there’s something more “analog” we can do help you convince Fujifilm.

    What about asking everyone that signs/signed the petition to send an old photo taken with fp-100c to Fuji headquarters in Japan?

  • Graham Webster

    I’m glad you are making this effort and you have my support.

  • Alejandro Chavarria

    Dude, you’re the best! I can’t believe this is happening in real time across the world. Keep it up Doc!!!

  • Elena

    Thank you for all your efforts. Can’t wait to see the next news/

  • David B.

    Doc, we have a shot. I am with you 100% and if you need support on your next trip I am available. This is a critically important mission for the future of analog photography. Please do not wane in your efforts. You are not alone in your passion and perseverance.

    David Bohnett

  • Wee Nghee Ng

    Thank you for your efforts.

  • Roy

    What are those 3 proposals? Could we find out the details?

    I was wondering if it’s possible to hack this still with some help from Fuji:
    - if the machinery/plant cannot be bought, can the useful bits from the eventual teardown be bought?
    - could the peel-apart manufacturing process intellectual property be rescued and put into the public domain?

  • mc

    Thank you Dr. Florian Kaps for taking the first step. We will walk with you no matter how far it goes.

  • Axel

    Of course it would not have been a clear yes. Let´s wait and see what happens. Keep us updated on the next actions we can take! Impossible can become possible.

  • Anthony Stone

    Great job doc, we knew it would be difficult, even if I do not understand why, but the hope is still alive, it’s only another Impossible mission, don’t worry :)

  • Ben

    Thank you so much for all of your amazing efforts!! Our hope remains

  • Ann O'Belle

    “If you could find the time and energy to stay with me”… WITHOUT QUESTION! I almost don’t feel worthy of all the effort you are making on behalf of all of us who desperately love and need packfilm to stay alive. BUT for you, we would have no hope. You keep the hope alive and even if we do not convince Fuji, we will never have to regret the effort for trying. Thank you Florian for all that you do. You are amazing.

  • Instantcamera (Poland)

    We still have hope!

  • michael Bartosek

    I absolutely appreciate your time and energy, thanks for supporting the film community with your efforts!!

  • Randy Reames

    Your devotion to instant photography is appreciated by thousands of dedicated photographers. Thanks Doc. No one else could have done what you have in such a short time on so many fronts.

  • Chan

    Doc, we appreciate for everything you’ve done. Big thanks and big hug!

  • Apidon Chaloeypoj (Bangkok)

    Arigato !


  • Kid Richards

    We are all with you…we got your back! :)

  • Rachelle

    Doc, I live in Japan so I understand your frustration with how the meeting went. That said, the fact that they were willing to have a meeting at all I think is quite positive, even if their language wasn’t. Like you have said, this is just the beginning, so it’s important to stay positive (and keep shooting film!).

  • Marisa (Seattle)

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this incredible task of saving pack film!

  • Ellen Jo Roberts

    Thank you for this effort, and the contacts you’ve made. I will keep thinking positive thoughts. Is it possible the folks at Fuji really had no anticipation the reaction their announcement would cause? Maybe you’ve planted a big seed in their minds and with a little more coaxing something wonderful might bloom. Positive thoughts from Arizona. And thank you, big time.

  • Steve WHite

    Thank you for your efforts, Doc! I hope that if nothing else this endeavor can enlighten Fuji management to the fact there are many of us out here that still use pack film. Perhaps they may change their mind, but the Japaneese are usually quite rigid once a decision is made.

  • Zoe Barrie

    Oh.. you have invested so much time and energy in this journey so far. Thank you so so so much, we are all here with you! (I’ve recently bought a 600se and am desperately awaiting its arrival so that I can immerse myself in the love of this beautiful film .. thank you, from us all. The hope lives on. Have a safe journey home !

  • Rachael

    No matter what happens Doc, thank you for going the “actual” extra miles to try to save our beloved packfilm. I still have hope that you will be successful!

  • Roger Garrell

    Doc – Of course we will all stand behind you wherever this journey might lead. We analog film lovers are sincerely grateful for your leadership and energy, as well as the support of the allies who have joined you on this journey. Please take a moment to recharge your batteries so that you can continue to fight for this medium which we all love so much!

  • iGlad

    hey, we all appreciate what you have done and keeping us well informed. It’s a reals shame about the next level meeting not taking place. Fingers crossed that your prescience has had a positive affect on some of the people with Fuji.

  • Brandon Montz

    You have done more than any of us could have accomplished. I really wish I knew the reasoning behind companies like Fuji not wanting to sell in order to keep a product alive. I don’t understand the logic.

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