Save Packfilm Travelog No. 4: Wonder Photo Shop & Mick Park



First thing today was visiting the FujiFilm Wonder Photo Shop near Harajuku. I wanted to get a better understanding of the current way Fuji celebrates its brand values to the public - especially targeting the new generation of young photographers. Would there be any packfilms available? 

Even if I could not find any - most of the shop is clearly dedicated to digital - the visit was nevertheless great. Especially as I had the honor to meet photographer Mick Park there, whose photos are currently exhibited on the second floor. Needless to say, they are much more better than the one I took of him - it's gotten unfortunately way too dark: 

Since 15 years he is in close contact with the Fuji management, taking many of the most important photographs for their global ads and image campaigns. He really loved my old Polaroid 360 camera and I told him that I'm here for the very last chance to keep this unique material alive. Immediately he offered his help to connect me with some important Fuji opinion leaders who might be helpful. What a nice start into this day!

He totally agreed that packfilm is the very last connection to high value instant photography for all analog photographers who are looking for splendid, real quality - as the Instax formats (called "Cheki" in Japan) are mainly used by kids as a little fun toy.

Mick also told me, that his main job for Fuji is to inspire and teach Japanese people how to display their images in all kinds of ways that make the photos become real and alive. Obviously, this is not too common in private Japanese households. Listening to Mick it became clear to me how essential it will be to dive deeper in the Japanese soul and to understand their feelings for analog instant photography better before I meet Fuji and hopefully find the right words.

Next stop on this research will be the big FujiFilm gallery in Tokyo midtown - and of course several sessions with my old friend and instant expert Jun.

More on that soon!





  • Michael Whyte-Venables

    I am encouraged by this approach; I hope that it is successful.

  • Axel Breton

    Awesome, gather the pieces of the puzzle one by one.

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